his book looks at the stock market methods of Benjamin Graham, John Burr Williams, Warren Buffett, Robert Wiese, Joel Greenblatt, James Tobin, William O'Neill, Maynard Keynes, James Ohlson, Bruce Greenwald, Kenneth Lee, Robert Haugen and others.
The valuation methods include net current asset value, discounted cash flow (DCF), dividend discount, payback, magic formula, residual income, CANSLIM, q-theory, PEG and PEGY ratio, benchmark, option valuation, expected return and many others.
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Dr. Price started his career as a research mathematician with positions in major universities around the world. After publishing two books and over 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals in mathematics, physics and finance, Dr. Price set as a research objective to understand the best investment methods of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, John Burr Williams, Peter Lynch and others. He personally programmed, tested and compared over 30 different stock valuation methods in his search for the best of the best. This led to the development of investment software called Conscious Investor® which his company has sold around the world for the past nine years. It also provided the background and research for The Conscious Investor. He divides his time between the U.S. and Australia.

"I am passionate about helping people make money to gain financial security so that they can live the lifestyle they choose,' he said. "I am also passionate about helping them make money to support causes and foundations that they believe in.

This is why I left a career in academia including a tenured position in a leading university. This why I devoted my time to studying Warren Buffett and other great investors, developing the investment software Conscious investor, and writing The Conscious Investor."


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