his book looks at the stock market methods of Benjamin Graham, John Burr Williams, Warren Buffett, Robert Wiese, Joel Greenblatt, James Tobin, William O'Neill, Maynard Keynes, James Ohlson, Bruce Greenwald, Kenneth Lee, Robert Haugen and others.
The valuation methods include net current asset value, discounted cash flow (DCF), dividend discount, payback, magic formula, residual income, CANSLIM, q-theory, PEG and PEGY ratio, benchmark, option valuation, expected return and many others.
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Conscious Investor:
A Chauffeur-Driven Limousine

Conscious Investor® is like having a chauffeur-driven limousine to invest using the key methods in The Conscious Investor. The automated Conscious Investor system includes state of the art software combined with company and price data that is updated daily. It contains sophisticated functions and analysis methods to make your ability to find the right stock and the right price to pay almost as easy as telling the driver of the limousine where you want to go.

Conscious Investor is a complete investment system that comes with data bases that are updated daily with over 5,000 U.S. stocks and over 3,000 Canadian stocks. It filters these stocks using the key ideas described in The Conscious Investor. It effortlessly takes you from ten year's of fundamental data to a targeted selection of quality business selling at bargain prices.

Simply put, the Conscious Investor software and database is like helping you find a needle in a haystack without all the work.

The features include

  • The automatic import of 10 years of fundamental data on every listed stock on the major US and Canadian exchanges.
  • Effortless filtering of the stocks using principles based on Warren Buffett's methods.
  • Exciting proprietary tools to determine the right price to pay for selected companies.
  • Ability to test "what-if" scenarios.
  • Watch lists to notify when stocks you are following reach certain prices or financial targets.
  • Historical charts of financial data for individual companies as well as industry sectors.
  • Built-in automatic margin of safety functions to stress test any investments before purchasing (as explained in Chapter 13 of The Conscious Investor).
  • Descriptions in plain English of the features and significance of the data in key charts.

If you live in the U.S. or Canada (or invest on U.S. or Canadian stock markets), then you can subscribe to Conscious Investor®.

There are more details on the Conscious Investor website. Australian investors can get more details on the Teaminvest website.

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